Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kings Beach Art Festival and Kimbirdlee's Birthday

The ultimate location for an art festival~ Kings Beach, North Lake Tahoe ~Aug 28-30th
I will definitely be returning to Kings Beach next year.  After hearing from all the other veteran artists who told me this weekend was the slowest ever, I am certainly looking forward to a busy weekend.  Considering the mellowness of the weekend, there were still a good number of dragons, frogs and flowers going home with wonderful people from all over the country.  

I love the diversity from all the Tahoe visitors!  The joy of doing outdoor festivals is meeting so many amazing people of all ages and hearing their stories.  The people that actually live in Lake Tahoe really got me thinking - should I relocate?  I am such a lake person!!!

It's true, it was my birthday on Sunday!  
Some of the highlights were:
Visiting with my friends, Bridget, Dave & their 2 boys

My awesome gift (a french press) from Tyler - 
gotta have fresh brewed coffee when 
living the life of luxury out of our plush home on wheels!

Hiking through the breathtaking beauty of Lake Tahoe.

And simply being there!