Monday, August 24, 2009

Swirly Sunflowers and Guan Yin and the Earth Dragon

I've made a habit of painting out in the backyard during the best hours of sunlight.  Once the shade takes over, it's time to stop.  My backyard is such a sanctuary for me, right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle - I love it!  It is protected by two fabulous cedar trees that are the tallest trees on the block (great feng shui!) and a walnut tree that is squirrel territory.  

The flowers in my neighborhood are breathtaking!  Part of the blessing of having such a high-energy dog is that I get to take long walks with her every day and check out all the stunning flower gardens around here.  I swear that I did not steal these fiery sunflowers from someone's yard, though.  These were inspired by Trader Joe!  Now I am painting... 

Swirly Flowers!!!   Swirly Sunflowers!!!  They will make their first appearance at this weekend's festival in one of the most beautiful places on earth - LAKE TAHOE!!!

I promise to have a new featured original at every art festival that I show at this year.  In fact, these weekend I will have my Swirly Sunflowers and Guan Yin and the Earth Dragon.  

Guan  Yin is calming down the Earth Dragon from charging ahead too fast.  She brings peace and protection to the feisty forward progression of the Earth Dragon.  Earth Dragon is the dragon to turn to now, as so many people are ready to transition into a new time of nurturing the earth.  We are all aware of how awesome the powers of advancement in every field are, and how they can sometimes be too powerful or even get out of control.  So, this is the message from Guan Yin to the Earth Dragon, to slow down and be one with the Earth, nurture the Earth.  She is protecting the Earth Dragon now, after he has protected her for so long.  
This painting is already finished - come see it at my upcoming art shows!  Or check back here in a couple days to see if the goddess and dragon have appeared in blogland...

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