Sunday, September 13, 2009

Millbrae Art & Wine Festival Labor Day Weekend 2009

The Millbrae Art & Wine Festival folks do an amazing job of promoting this show!  They were so awesome in advertising and it surely paid off because there must've been atleast 50,000 people there.  I felt like I talked to every single one of them!  I was so wiped out by Sunday night!  It was a blast.  They not only mentioned me in their program's article about fine art, but ALSO featured me on their LIVE cable television show that broadcasted throughout the show.  That show is now being played on their website (  But just to warn you, at this point it is a continuous stream of footage from that show.  As soon as I get the DVD, I want to share it with all of you!

The above painting is my original "Swirly Water Dragon" that I painted especially for the Millbrae Fest.  Another super fun water dragon playing in the waves and lovin' life!!!

My wonderful family friends, Cyril and Ymen, came to pick up their "Swirly Water Dragon"  (below) that I personalized for them.  That's a great way to make my dragon series come alive and become one of a kind - enhanced giclees.

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