Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Season kicks off with San Rafael Wine and Food Festival

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I am starting this blog just as my West Coast Art Shows kick off with the San Rafael Wine & Food Festival last Saturday (8/15/09).  The show was awesome - everything went so smoothly!                                                 new beginnings

The set-up, tear-down, and the whole day in general was so easy and fun, much thanks to Tyler.  We are proving to be a good team!  Phew! Good thing, cuz there's no turning back now!  :)  We are already talking about adding more shows to our schedule, 
so check my website calender occassionally.
The festival was at the beautiful site of the Falkirk Mansion and we were surrounded by the best wine and food around.  I was especially happy to see FREY, my all time favorite winery, there.  Thanks guys for the Chardonney!
It was so fun to meet and talk with the festival goers as well as the vendors. Everyone is in a very good mood since they start sipping wine before noon!  
I am so so grateful for all the wonderful comments from those of you who appreciated my work.  Thank you so much to those who brought paintings home - the Water Dragon, the Wood Dragon, Gene the friendly business man, the Monkey friends, the Yacht Chef, and more!!!
And to the 3 party guys who postponed our take-down by like an hour because they were way too much fun!  :P

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