Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kimbirdlee's Nesting in Wisconsin

Hello blog-land!
I’m still pregnant!  It’s been a busy time.  I’m involved in several upcoming events during my Wisconsin Summer and I’m trying to avoid feeling too pregnant - ha ha, good luck with that!  So after this prego blog update, I’ll be switching my focus to the 3 concerts and 3-4 art shows I have coming up.  Once those are done, I’ll only be a month away from BABY TIME!!!

We are in Wisconsin now - thank the lord!!! - curse the mosquitos!!! - 

I swear, my “self” feels completely different one day to the next!  I will go from feeling like a bloated cow to being free and agile; super critical and irritable to super-charged and enthusiastic; just wanna watch movies to work-a-holic.  When I see photos of myself, I swear they reflect the way I feel, too!  One day I look just plain awful and the next day I’m glowing!  So weird!

Jack celebrated his 2nd birthday.  We had such a great time celebrating over 3 days with family, friends, neighbors and dogs.  Then we carried the party over to Father’s Day, which I spent with J-Dad, Jackrabbit, great-Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Matt.  It was a big time “let’s-honor-the-boys” week!  My favorite part was making and decorating Jacks Grover Cake twice.  The first one was so gratifying that I made a second one.  I liked the first one better.  Jack loved them both and is still talking about the Grover Cake.  

Mostly I just love good reasons for getting people together.  Life is for celebrating!!!  Now that we’re back in Wisco, we thankfully have folks to celebrate with - Yahoo!!!

Up and Downs on the Charliehorse roller coaster…
The worst case of jinxing!  I am experiencing extremely painful charliehorses in the middle of the night and early mornings in my calves, sometimes spreading into my thighs.  They leave my legs SOOO sore during the day.  They appear from the simplest little shift - like when I turn from my side to my back, or stretch my legs out straight.  Today I needed to sit and relax cuz they hurt so bad!  Guess that’s what I get for dubbing the little one “Charliehorse”.  

My belly is just getting bigger, along with my butt and thighs.  yay.  Not much more to say about that!

I am in a constant dilemma about what to wear, especially for upcoming concerts.  But, to my joy, I found a solution - petticoats!  Since the Palmyra-Eagle Band concerts are going Country this year, I have the prefect square-dancing skirt get-up to wear.  Just pull that thing over the ole belly and Voila - I’m good to go! LOL!

Swimming is my favorite prego activity.  Jack is obsessed with swimming, too, so it’s working out great.  We have the Mukownago YMCA - brand new, beautiful facility with a children’s adventure pool and the lake, so never a shortage of swimming opportunities.  
Other than swimming, I try to keep moving in nice ways through the day.  Dancing around with Jack, spontaneous stretching sessions, vacuuming… Mostly it's my silly and sentimental time spent with Jack that I love the most right now.

And a couple cherished moments with best friends:

Let’s see, my current menu… Salad, water, birthday cake, turkey and ham (no sulfites) sandwiches, granola and yogurt, and a 1/2 cup of coffee per day.  Nothing exciting or weird at all!  Sorry, no reports of chocolate covered pickle popsicles for this girl.  Our favorite local restaurant is Dos Amigos in East Troy.  Ironic that we get yummy mexican food in small town Wisconsin, but not near our apartment in NY.  Kosher or Halal, yes, but Mexican, nope.

I’m continuing to be blessed with wonderful opportunities to sing and perform both with PECB (Palmyra-Eagle Community Band and my dad) and La Boheme.  I’ll cover these events in a separate blog, but just have to say how excited and grateful I am to have these opportunities to share super fun music with a great community!!!

Here’s a list of upcoming events.

The art shows are still hanging in there this summer.  I’m praying for good weather - not too hot, not too stormy.  My mom is still going strong with her Chinese Brush Paintings and I’m joining her as well as doing a couple on my own around the Midwest.  I’m painting when I can - just finished a giant flying dragon and am almost done with a new water dragon.  

Here is a list of my upcoming art shows.

While I was pregnant with Jackrabbit, I experienced numb hands which made it impossible to paint.  It was truly sad!  I think it had to do with my wrists being SO intensely toned for aerial dance, and when I stopped dancing due to the pregnancy, my poor wrists were in a state of shock.  Plus, the obvious fluid retention that accompanies pregnancy.  So far, I’m free of numbness and thankful every second!  I’m starting a new project that involves Jonathan’s original music with my singing and paintings, which I’m very inspired about!!!  Stay tuned for that - probably in the fall.

That just about covers Kimbird’s nest status for now.  You’ll notice there was no avoiding the change of scenery for my weekly photos, going from the NY apt to the WI lake house, but still staying faithful to the photo journal.  [There's also a missing pik for week 20 - who knows what happened, with moving and all kinds of stuff going on.  Too bad.]  

I feel big now, but I know I have a lot more growing to do!  

Week 21 
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24
Week 25
Lastly, a request to the people of the world: If you’re not telling a pregnant lady how fabulous she looks or how fantastically she is handling being pregnant, you should probably not say anything at all unless you want to see an offended, crying and/or pissed-off female force of nature.


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