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Start of Something: Jackrabbit and Charliehorse

Oh where oh where to begin...
It's been a roller coaster but I'm glad to say that I am on the up side of the ride today as I write this.  I can't say there's been any real dangers or challenges, because I am blessed to be healthy and have a healthy little child growing happily in my belly.  His big brother is talking about "belly" and "Big Brother" all the time and it's so adorable!  I've had opportunities to travel and sing and be with my family.  I'm very fortunate.  Look at these little guys!  I dug up my ultrasound pix of Jackrabbit to see how they compare ~

This is Jackrabbit at about 4 months

Here's his little brother at about 5 months.  hmm, they look related, right?!

Here is a 4D image of Charlie at 20 weeks - not bad, considering how freaky these images can be.

I can't believe we are at 20 weeks already!  Seriously!?!?  Half way there baby!  A quick update on the basics, like when you go to the doctor and they run through the questions.  I am less nauseous, but not nauseous free.  I am still easily tired.  I weigh 103 lbs.  I am eating a lot, but the doctor said I should gain more weight, but I feel pretty weighty!  I always gain weight in my arms - what's the deal with that?!?  My butt has grown a couple sizes, for sure.  And I guess my belly too LOL.
I am moodier than ever and find I lack much patience for nonsense, especially when I have responsibilities, such as preparing for a performance.  I'm finding that I'm planning every detail down to the minute and it's actually very satisfying.  I don't want any room for screw-ups or to fall short of what I expect from myself, even more now that I'm pregnant.  I guess I'm subconsciously trying to prove to myself that this won't hold me back.  And in the center of all these plans, Jackrabbit is my priority.  Making sure he is taken care of is top priority!  
I was having a case of the deep winter blues that hit a low during April.  Just when I was about to lose it, it was time for a trip to Wisconsin for some great events.  PHEW!  I just got back to NY so I have a renewed sense of excitement and stories to tell!  

I took another trip with Jackrabbit in tow - This time to Wisconsin for a singing engagement with my brother Matt.  While in wisco, I was so busy I did not have time to think about being pregnant.  I didn't even really feel pregnant! Once again I was reminded of the blessing and joy of being with family.  The weather was beautiful the first couple days we were there, all the ice had melted on the lake and Jackrabbit ran wild and free!!!  

Thankfully, I had my parents and neighbor Barb there to watch Jack while I rehearsed and prepped for the "big" night - "Evening Of Elegance", a benefit concert for Children's Hospital of WI and Make-A-Wish Foundation.  I was anticipating this event a lot leading up to it because it's strange performing with someone while living in different states.  Matt and I only had 3 days to get our music up to par.  It was a wonderfully challenging experience.

But I also had to consider that my belly is constantly bulging bigger and bigger.  I couldn't really decide what to wear until the last minute.  This was a very formal event and as a solo vocalist and even more because I'm pregnant, I felt the pressure to look my best!  So, I remembered this website: LightIntheBox, that I came across while I was wedding dress shopping.  The dresses are gorgeous and inexpensive but they are from China so I didn't trust if they would look like the pictures or if it would get to me in time, so I went with this obscure Russian lady in small-town wisco who totally flaked on me… LONG STORY!  Anyway, I decided I would take the plunge and order a dress from LightIntheBox about month before Evening of Elegance.  I normally wear a size 0, so I ordered a size 4.  Then I waited.  But I got impatient, so I made a trip to this awesome dress shop here in NY and bought a designer floor model, discontinued sequins dress that was like 1/2 off.  The China dress was waiting for me in Wisco when I got there and I tried it on and realized that Jonathan could probably fit this dress, so I was lucky that I had my back-up plan!  The sequins dress fit great (photo below) - actually had some wiggle room!  I went back to NY and got the huge China dress altered for the next singing gig - a wedding the first weekend of May also in Wisco.  For those of you who could care less about dresses, sorry for boring you.  After being in the performance world for this long, I've become a dress-aholic.  I never get rid of them either!

Now the important part of this trip - the actual night of the event - was super awesome!  The music went smooth - we debuted a few of our new songs - and it was very rewarding to contribute to children's charities!  We met with our fabulous new agent, Irene Cualoping, that night, as well.  I'm so happy that someone is recognizing Matt's and our talent, and I am ready for whatever opportunities come to us!  :D

I love this photo.  Matt is smiling!

 I went back to NY for a couple weeks and then headed back to Wisco for more music and happiness!

Last week's trip to Wisconsin and Chicago was by far the highlight of the month.  I was anxious about how I would hold up through flying with Jack, housesitting and watching the 2 dogs at my parents' house while they vacationed in Canada, meanwhile packing in lots of important activities in 3 days.  Well, it went fabulously!  OK, get ready for a photo borage.  Some pictures can tell a million words that I'd rather not sit here and type!  :)

Matt and I with Irene Cualoping of ENERI
at the kick off celebration of Asian Heritage Month in Chicago.

We met some amazing people at this event, including Tatsu Aoki (jazz musician) and Linda Yu (ABC anchor woman).  A great incentive to get my pregnant self out and about, even if I feel like sleeping all day!  LOL

Next, I had the honor as soloist for a good family friends' wedding (as mentioned above), Tom Krukowski and Susan Spakowitz of Milwaukee.  

I sang and played piano with Matt on bongos and my dad on Bass Guitar - a beautifully touching song "A Page is Turned" about having a second chance at love after life's trials.  Then Matt and I played lounge music for a couple hrs.  But the best part of the wedding was Jackrabbit's dance moves!  

They're all so beautiful... which one do I pick!?

Exhausted little man!

Anyway, I've gone on and on and I haven't even touched upon the "lowlights" of this month.  Not to say I didn't have them (the baby blues, nightmares, indigestion, anxiety), but with all the excitement and joy, I feel like it's best to leave them out for now!

Photo journal
It looks like week 19 is the pivotal POP for me!  Oh god, I can't wait for my tummy to double and triple in size!  :D

See you in a few weeks!!!
xoxoxo -

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