Saturday, April 6, 2013

Little Doll, Little Doll was a poem I wrote when I was 4yrs old...

My poem was published in the local newspaper and I was given a 2-dollar bill that my parents framed with the poem.  If I would've known then that I'd become a doll and sing for a full house in such a beautiful theater with red velvet curtains, I'd have cried with joy!

I had the honor to sing for "It's a Grand Night for Singers" for the second time this year at Jarvis Conservatory in Downtown Napa last Saturday, April 6th.  I sang "The Doll Aria" from Tales of Hoffman (Jacques Offenbach) and the jazz rendition of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Sun & I" from Hot Mikado.  I was joined by 6 other talented singers.  We were accompanied by the fabulous Richard B. Evans, the pianist, maestro and MC of the night.  

Jarvis was also incredibly kind to have me exhibit my art in their gorgeous lobby.  Being able to share that part of me along with the music was especially magical.  I've searched for ways to merge my two worlds of music and art and am so grateful for this opportunity!

It was also the first revealing of my pearl necklace designed after Elizabeth Taylor's "La Peregrina" - which sold for $11.8 million dollars -  made by Cory Dawson of Wisconsin as a trade for a painting.   I wouldn't put a price on my version, but I LOOOOVE it!  

Teresa Delgado Bozikis of Touch Salon in Montclair Village got me all "dolled-up" before the big night.  We always have a blast.  It was one more thing to make it such a special night, perhaps my last time there for a while since we will be heading to New York this summer!

"It's a Grand Night for Singers" is a precious jewel of an event - I can only pray that I can find something so inspiring and fun out in New York...

Video coming soon (courtesy of Jesse Patrick), so stay tuned, my lovies!!!

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