Sunday, February 18, 2018

Broadway Camp 2018

2nd annual BROADWAY CAMP 2018
February 12-16th
with the talented students from Andie Say - Comedia Musical (Argentina)
on Roosevelt Island in Manhattan
with coaches Jonathan and Kimbirdlee Fadner

Hernan, Sol, Danielle, Sofie, Martina, Kimbirdlee, Jonathan and his guitar






Congratulations to our incredible group of students and their fearless leader, Andres Saud!

Jonathan Fadner (Executive Director Common Man Musicals)
Kimbirdlee Fadner (Assistant Executive Director MST&DA)
                                 (Artistic Director Common Man Musicals)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


As a serious actor, I set out on my journey for deep character development as I approach my role of John Adams in the musical, "1776".
This was my first trip to Philadelphia, the home of the Liberty Bell, Independence HallBenjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the signers of the Declaration of Independence. 
I couldn't wait to take photos of ME embodying John Adam's spirit in the places where real American history took place!  But no matter how hard I tried to get a picture of JUST ME with that bell, the chair, the staircase...
... these two little gentlemen... 
kept appearing...
in every...
photo!!! 😦
I got a little annoyed, as I imagine John Adams would've.  Then I remembered that these gentlemen are my NOW and our future.  America's forefathers were little boys once, too.  As an actor mom, I have a responsibility.  And my job is small compared to the men who literally started a new nation.  I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to play such an important historical male figure!!  I'll take it as a good sign.  I'll do my best to portray the message that all humans are created equal and have the right to be free, be heard, and be happy.
Photo credits: Jonathan Fadner the Dad

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Double Princess Day!

This princess thing is way too exciting for me, so I simply must share!
Dreams came true in a double princess day yesterday.


Starting out with a Pocahontas appearance, I was invited to sing for a recital on the gorgeous stage at Adelphi University.  I sang "Colors of the Wind" while a young piano student played the piano, and a 6 yr old Pocahontas danced her way into everyones' hearts.  It was adorable.  Jonathan was there supporting with his guitar.


Meanwhile... backstage... the boys were chillin' like rockstars. 


This video is sideways, but I can't help sharing the moment. 

Following this princess appearance, I did a quick-change into Jasmine.  
Jasmine was accompanied by some fierce Legoman guys - Emmett and Kai, the red ninjago. 

This fantastic crew was complete when their amazing big yellow dog read them Halloween stories.

More Princess fairytales to come soon ... xoxo ~ Kimbirdlee

Friday, June 16, 2017

Meet the Common Men & Women of "You Can Always Come Home"

proudly presents it’s second cabaret in the newly established cabaret series:
“You Can Always Come Home”

8pm 548 Main St (Howe Theatre), Roosevelt Island, NY, NY, 10044
June 17th, 2017 8:00 pm

Meet the creative common men and women team:

    Kimbirdlee Fadner 175 8x10 copy.jpg
Manda Leigh Blunt Joan Cusick Russ Cusick Kimbirdlee Fadner

Ruthy Froch.jpg Matthew_Stoke_Headshot.compressed.jpg
Ruthy Froch Matthew Stoke Thomas Slater Erica Wilpon

Jonathan Fadner Marella Martin Koch Minhui Lee Lee Summers
Mellisa Miles Jacinth Greywoode Casey O’Neil Noemi de le Puente

Laura Barati Bill Nelson S. Dylan Zwickel Rick Bassett

Jaime Lozano Joshua H. Cohen        Zackry Childers

David Kornfeld


Brad Ross
Joe Keenan
Alex Higgin-Houser
Austin Nuckols