Tuesday, January 9, 2018


As a serious actor, I set out on my journey for deep character development as I approach my role of John Adams in the musical, "1776".
This was my first trip to Philadelphia, the home of the Liberty Bell, Independence HallBenjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the signers of the Declaration of Independence. 
I couldn't wait to take photos of ME embodying John Adam's spirit in the places where real American history took place!  But no matter how hard I tried to get a picture of JUST ME with that bell, the chair, the staircase...
... these two little gentlemen... 
kept appearing...
in every...
photo!!! 😦
I got a little annoyed, as I imagine John Adams would've.  Then I remembered that these gentlemen are my NOW and our future.  America's forefathers were little boys once, too.  As an actor mom, I have a responsibility.  And my job is small compared to the men who literally started a new nation.  I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to play such an important historical male figure!!  I'll take it as a good sign.  I'll do my best to portray the message that all humans are created equal and have the right to be free, be heard, and be happy.
Photo credits: Jonathan Fadner the Dad

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