Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life is Worth Singing

Being a singer is...
Something that has brought me joy ever since I can remember.
A lifelong learning experience
A gift to share
A road of disappointment
Being pushed down, let down, pushed out...

Learning to never give up because it's
Larger than me - universal and magical
My life

My early musical memories are at home with my dad.  I had a hand sewn blanket with the lyrics
"Sleep my child and peace attend thee all through the night"

My dad would tuck me in to bed and sing me that song.
Now my son sleeps with that blanket and with that song protecting him through the night.
He sings with the same enthusiasm as his mommy and is a million times more awesome!

My dad bought a video camera when I was 4 yrs old.  He sat in front of it with me and his guitar and we sang John Denver songs together.  Then I would take over with my preschool repertoire.  I'd sing a song then say "again daddy!" Again and again and again!
We always sang in the car on our very frequent road trips.
When my parents got me that Fischer price tape player, I'd stay up all night pressing play, record, rewind ... Over and over and over.
My mom and dad found me community theater productions and talent shows, voice and piano lessons, eventually a college degree in voice... Obsessed and in love.

Tonight dad and I are singing together with people from all over the world at the one place everyone dreams of - Carnagie Hall!  It's his fault I caught the singing bug in the first place, and it's his doing that brings me to Carnagie.  I'm not a soloist but maybe someday I will be.  For now I am basking in the light with everyone else on the stage, offering up this beautiful music.

Dad and I with Rodger Trader (Choir Director and Singer, East Troy, WI) 
My gratitude is huge, as is this fire inside me to sing in the world and for the world more and more, higher and higher, better and better.  I just want to be my best.
It's all because of you (and mom too of course)
I love you guys!
Thank you dad!

And thank you to my family who gives me endless love, support and inspiration 

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