Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wisconsin season coming to an end

Well folks, it's been amazing.  My trip to Wisconsin this year was overflowing with experiences to remain in my memories forever... A wedding, a newborn baby, family and friends, art shows galore, performing and recording music, and the beautiful lake.  I couldn't possible have asked for more.  The season has changed, and while I've vowed to spend my summers in Wisconsin, I'm so grateful to witness the onset of Fall with it's gorgeous colors and cozy hoody temperatures.

First glimpse of Fall colors at Mirror Lake, Wisconsin Dells
Devils Lake

We spent last week in Wisconsin Dells, hiking in the trees and playing at the water park.

Art Shows

The art shows kicked off with Madison Off-the-Square back on July 13th.  Jack was only 4 weeks old and it was scorching hot.  But he had little to complain about, since I got him a room at the Madison Hilton, which is steps away from our booth.  

Hanging out with Cousins Jill and Elana in the room at the Hilton.  
Jack was soooo tiny compared to now!

Jack tried to call Daddy, who was back in California.  He hasn't quite got the concept of phones yet...

my sweetie

We then headed to Ann Arbor, MI for the largest art show in the country.  It's about our 10th year there and so many friends and loyal customers come by to check out the latest pieces.  I made sure to have a few new dragons to honor the Year of the Dragon.

The 4 day show, which runs from 9am-9pm every day except the last day, was a bit daunting with Baby Jack, but we are fortunate to our cousins and their families living in Ann Arbor.  We had a fabulous time with all the little ones running around!

Bohnsacks gathering (this is only half of the brood)!  Aren't they just glowing!

There were several shows that followed, amidst the excitement of Jonathan and my wedding.
Racine Starving Artist Fair 2012 - Racine Art GuildAppleton Art in thePark
Oconomowoc Festival of Fine Arts
Powderhorn Art Festival - Minneapolis

Milwaukee Orchid Society - I won 1st Prize for my Orchid painting!!!

Orchid and Dragonflies

Mount Mary Starving Artist Art Show
Milwaukee, WI

 Charlotte, Matt, Jack and I accepted an award for our art exhibit at the Itasca Art and Wine Festival last weekend.  Woo hoo!!!

Jack loved the Yellow Ribbon, and thought it was his friend with a big yellow head.

As you can see, this Summer and Early Fall has been jam-packed.  We've done more than I ever thought humanly possible.  The art shows are always a mixture of extremely hard work and long hours, balanced out with the joy of sharing our art with people who really really love it.  That's the part I love the most!

This weekend, I will be concluding my Midwest Art Tour in Galena, IL at the Galena Country Fair: Oct 6-7th.  You should come.  It's the world's best place to view the colors of Fall!

Next time you hear from me, I'll be back in California, reunited with my hubby, and ready for more adventures and more art shows...
My West Coast schedule is on my website:

Lotsa love, kimbirdlee
That's my guy, kickin it in the RV

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