Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great Night to Art Mingle: Touch Salon in Montclair

Teresa Bozikis (owner of Touch Salon), Jin Hei Kang (artist), and Me
This art party was just how it's supposed to be - super fun and inspiring!
Teresa Bozikis organizes her parties every 2nd Friday of the month. This event is getting more and more popular and it really brings the neighborhood together to share an evening of creativity with friends old and new. So many of the Montclair Village community come out to show their support - Eric (Montclair Village Festival) and his girlfriend (go Wisconsin girls!) deejayed for us, Yingi (owner of Kakui Sushi) hooked up fresh sushi for everyone, the beautiful stylists of Touch Salon hosted the party, guys from Tonga Lounge and Garibaldi's came out...
So much love!

I met so many new people - it was awesome.
I'm also so grateful to my great friends who totally made my night by just being there!

Like my fabulous friend, Maurice Williams!
Someday when you're famous I'll show you this picture to remind you of the good ole days!
I was surprised to see my actor friends, Jessica Payne and hubby Kyle, before they head out for a national tour together! And the juggling Ron Schwartz!
And thank you to Imad for the yummy (and so appropriate) dragon roll.

I definitely feel like I was able to share my art in a great way.
thank you, teresa and touch salon

3rd Annual Historic Downtown Truckee. Arts & Crafts Festival
Jul 31-Aug 1, 2010

It is a tradition that I make it to Lake Tahoe at least once a year for an art show. I exhibited with Pacific Fine Arts in Truckee for the first time this year.
There were some very interesting attendees...

Yes, these crazy Alpacas came to appreciate the art.
First time I ever saw Alpacas at an art show.

Along with having a great weekend at the art show, I also got to camp at a beautiful reservoir.

Morning sunlight to wake me up!

A perfect little scene of Tyler with his fresh cup of coffee, throwing the ball for Wiki, who is flying off the edge of the picture, and the hot air balloon taking off in the background.